Business to Business

If you can describe the problem, we can solve it. Business to Business solutions using the latest technologies is where we excel. By combining a broad range of technical expertise with unrivaled passion for client satisfaction, we have become an authoritative choice for companies looking for custom software development. CWS is a boutique firm developing intimate and strategic relationships with our clients and relish bringing the latest technologies to open new possibilities for your business in cloud computing, enterprise management, systems integration, or mobile reach.ent

Mobile Extensions

The world has gone mobile. While the introduction of this platform has been introduced and adopted in the private sector, commercial enterprises are rapidly adopting this new platform as an extension to real time problems like automation control, enterprise systems management, extended office access, and B-to-B, and B-to-C customer reach. CWS offers full range mobile development services from custom, stand alone applications to enterprise level extensions. CWS mobile applications are actively providing solutions to multi-national, multi-lingual, multi-platform compute environments.

Machine Automation

Machine automation including  D-to-D direct connect, PLC communications, Robotics, IC design and fabrication and firmware management. CWS offers complete, integrated and open automation software for facility management systems, robotics, and process control. With a wide range of industrial automation software solutions, we are committed to helping you visualize your plant or your enterprise with solutions to help you improve productivity and reduce operating costs.

  • Real-Time Control & Analytics: Easily control, display and analyze the status of your facility.
  • Rapid Development: Build powerful applications using CWS libraries.
  • Hot-Pluggable Modules: Modular architecture that grows with you! Add modules to expand your reach over your ever growing domain.

Remote Control

CWS can speak “Drone!” From UAV ground control to onboard comms and sat links, CWS can design, plan, and implement your mission from concept to deployment. UAV operational control, onboard networking, high altitude electronic sequencing, satellite links, mission control visualizations, mission sequence capture, and mission play back. CWS UAV systems have flown around the world with in flight mission transfer to multi-linked ground stations, in flight bread crumbing, gps pin point positioning and navigation.

Warehousing Solutions

Clear Wave has produced the latest generation of Warehouse Management and Warehouse Automation software which stole the show at its Modex release this year. Full 3-D visualizations of your warehouse system running in concert with real time movements on the warehouse floor. CWS has recently deployed to the first warehouse dedicated entirely to automated storage. Twelve tiers of wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling storage, with no space lost to human walkways, or forklift pathways. Pallets come directly off production into storage and have no human intervention until they arrive at the truck bay for loading. Maximum density, maximum throughput, maximum use of space, minimal operational demand. Warehousing has forever changed! Feel Adventurous? Hook your HMI to an Oculus Rift and experience your warehouse as a virtual reality. Jump on a pallet and ride it through your system without leaving your office.