It’s a Mobile World

The world has gone mobile. If you haven’t, then you’re no longer leading. CWS has helped companies of all sizes, from startup to enterprise, to create a new mobile presence and to extend the reach of existing applications through the mobile platform. Mobile front ends now provide remote access to systems control, machine HMI, existing enterprise software, remote or distributed databases, and real time visualizations of the latest business events.

Corporate America is just beginning to catch the explosive adoption of the mobile platform occurring in the private sector. If you are a product company and are not mobile… you’re not reaching your market. If you are a services company and are not mobile, your competition may have a better service offering. If you are a technology company and are not mobile, you’re no longer cutting edge.

At CWS we have developed a suite of tools and services that can bring rapid application development to your project. Jumpstart your next development effort with the latest advantage libraries.

Mobile Development

  • Concept

    Creative / technical input to birth new applications

  • Design and Specification

    Concept to spec – get your project off on the right foot

  • Storyboard

    Experience your concept through Interactive screens

  • Application Development

    Solving the business challenge with technology

  • Project Control

    Version control, project tracking systems, and customized Wikis

  • Customer Support

    Tie the post production picture to pre-production design

  • Product Release

    Validate the design embraces the deployment strategy

Fortify your team for your mobile goals

Concept: Bring us in at the concept stage. CWS is happy to consult with you on your ideas and provide feedback based on years of industry experience. Let us help you avoid potential pitfalls from inception. We will apply both creative and technical support as well as help you understand the level of effort required to make your dream a reality.    Design and Specification:  The most successful and cost effective projects are the ones given proper attention up front. Time spent in the design and specification stage can reap great dividends. CWS is particularly skilled at meeting your vision with the right technologies and helping you to properly define your project before you begin construction. At CWS we have a saying, “Last to code… first to finish!”   Storyboard:  The final stage of the pre-code process for your product line will be the creation of storyboards.  These will be a series of screens or pages developed with the final look and feel of your proposed application.  We use these interactive tools to allow early review by stakeholders and to conduct early market adoption testing. Discoveries made at this stage can be addressed quickly and inexpensively since we are only adjusting the visual experience. Once you have satisfied your team and yourself that your product is exactly what you want, we move to code. The storyboard becomes the product roadmap. In short – your final product will be exactly what you expected.  Application Development: It’s time for heads down coding. Using the storyboard as a road map, the development team will bring existing libraries and pre-built code snippets into play to reduce development time and project cost. CWS continues to create a rich collection of application functions that can be leveraged to expose the latest techniques and give your application the kind of scalability and fault tolerance to make it the “best of breed”.  Project Control:  CWS will setup version control, project tracking systems, and customized Wikis to keep you in constant step with project development. Through these programs you will not only have full access to all source code within your project, you will see what developers are involved in your project, what days they work, and what they accomplish for each day. You will see the product road map and have a seamless transition between application development, alpha testing, beta testing, UAT, and version releases.  No need to reinvent the wheel, CWS has honed this process and will deliver a full management solution to your project.  Customer Support:  The customer support of your newly released product can be costly if not planned well. CWS has a solution which will bring the storyboard and design documentation directly into customer support.  Help Wikis can be linked from every page, and a video library of help topics can become a seamless part of every application. The high overhead traditionally associated with help desk support can now be addressed by technology which not only reduces customer support overhead, but delivers a higher level of customer satisfaction than traditional methods. Product Release: Release strategies need to be consider early in the project.  Fortify your project with a technical team that can discuss the options and the help you define your optimal solution.