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Complex systems managing high data volumes – we get it. We can help. We have a lot of experience getting disparate systems to talk. Complex rules that need to be built into a new software application to automate a manual business process- we’ve been there, done that. Let’s talk.

Case Studies

Data Silos

Data silos were hindering discovery research. A new, integrated view was needed, but millions had already been spent – and lost – on the effort. Thats where we came in.

Here’s What Happened
The companys research environment was encumbered by inefficient access to vital data. Researchers needed to collect diverse information from a variety of studies to find genes associated with particular diseases or treatments. The volume of data and technical and conceptual disparities between individual data sources made searching information slow. Isolated computational silos, aimed at a depth of detail in narrow fields of research, didnt provide the broad, integrated view required for researchers? desired analysis and discovery. The result was a morass of data in differing formats that needed to be queried in isolation, transformed, and only then compared in context with the accumulated evidence set.

Informatics software had been developed to exploit particular types of data, from specific sources, and the file formats and database schema was highly tuned to the details of the specific data it was built to access. This tightly coupled relationship between data and software forced researchers to use different applications, with only partially overlapping feature sets, to access what they would scientifically consider to be the same type of data.

This Is Where We Come In
A research platform integrating terms, data formats, interfaces, and content with a common language was needed. Using object-oriented design methodologies, a representational, scientific framework was created. The system was able to access data from multiple sources within a single scientific frame of reference to ensure that data of the same type is represented consistently and will be available to all applications accessing the system. The platform offers a cost-effective way of integrating vast data sets into a modular, extensible system and features data store abstraction, application integration and interoperability, and enterprise scalability.

We Can Help You Save the Day if any of these aspects of this organization’s story are true for you too:

  • Data silos hinder the level of discovery needed
  • Researchers spend an enormous amount of time trying to build ad hoc connections because there isn?t a single, integrated view of the data
  • Multiple viewing and analysis applications are used for the same type of data because each application is only able to provide a specific, narrow view. Researchers are left trying to stitch these views together in order to develop a unified view.
  • Your informatics resources have been reduced or eliminated altogether- and you could use a hand building a needed tool, viewer, or integrated repository for your data

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